dolce vita

How IT Started

Having enjoyed a travel lasting 3 months in region of South-Italy with my family the enjoyment of an  "Espresso/Caffé"  dark roasted with strong body became the daily routine enjoyment. But why had the coffee there been such a wonderful experience,  and why was the visit of a coffee shop in   Vienna - the capital of Austria worldwide known for its coffee tradition - thereafter such a frustrating experience? Back in the workaday life drinking mean coffee wasn't an option to me anymore!


Upon several further stays in Italian - Mezzogiorno i got fully passionate on coffee and started to devour everything i could get to gather more knowledge about coffee and coffee preparation. At that point the idea was born to roast my first coffee. I simply started the first batch by use of pan and wooden spoon. Other than thought the outcome wasn't that bad what brought my to the idea of constructing my first coffee roaster...


I reactivated my mums old kitchen oven, made some improvements, put it into my shed and experienced my first semi-professional roasts. No matter if outside weather was sunny and thirty degrees Celsius or snowfall and minus ten the pleasant anticipation for the Cupping of my roasts let me forget about all those inconveniences!
In 2016 i then decided to go for the next step by the acquisition of a professional roast equipment from the manufacturer: Coffee Tech Engineering. This  top rated coffee roaster built by really enthusiastic craftsmen gave me the tool to produce fantastic speciality coffees!

In 2020 - my little start-up been bursting at the seams - we switched the roastery to a new place on the realty of the Berndorf AG - a traditional company founded in times of Austrian monarchy being famous for a heap of inventions and products. That expansion including the acquisition of a bigger 15kg-per-batch roasting machine today allows us to increase and stabilise the high quality of our speciality coffee and further on allows us to provide our product to a much wider clientele.

Owning a mission gives happiness!

More DOLCE  VITA and less hassle  –  Yours MEISTER ZENGER